Not only should cakes look good, they should taste Fantastic too!

Please rest assured, with Linda being a bit of a ‘foodie’ so to speak, her cakes taste as brilliant as they look.

Linny Macs Cake Design offers a wide variety of cake flavours to suit all functions, events and tastes, with all recipes tried and tested.

Please find below a list of our cake flavours offered, but if you have any ideas of your own, feel free to mention it to Linda in your design discussions.

Taste tests can be arranged on appointment.

Of course, if your cake contains multiple tiers, you can choose multiple flavours.

GLUTEN FREE and special dietary cakes are available. Please discuss with Linda your needs (there IS a flourless, eggless, dairyless recipe that actually tastes quite impressive).

Banana Cake
A moist, yummy cake made with real bananas (no banana flavouring here!), just like Grandma made it!

Butter Cake
A favourite with children and adults alike. Moist and light, everyone will love this buttercake.

Caramel Mud
More often described as ‘Toffee flavoured,’ this is one of our most popular cakes. Decadent and a flavour sensation that all will enjoy!

Carrot Cake

Sounds good hey? Guarantee it tastes it too. This one is a very, very rich cake. Great to serve in small portions, though you might go back for seconds or thirds with this one, complete with real cherries and coconut.

Cherry Ripe
Mmmmmm chocolate, cherries and coconut, what a delicious combination. This cake tastes just like a cherry ripe, its super moist and rich.

Choc Mud
What needs to be said? This one is a favourite and the title says it all.

Chocolate Mint Mud
A twist on traditional chocolate mud, if you love Mint Slice biscuits you will love this one. Decadent and delightful, it will be remembered!

Fruit Cake
With an impressive fruit content of approximately 70% this classic family favourite is ideal if you want to preserve a tier for a later occasion, or go with a more traditional cake flavour for your celebration.

German Chocolate Cake
The surprise ingredient of cream cheese makes this flavour have the texture of a buttercake yet the richness of a chocolate mud cake.

Hummingbird Cake
Pineapple and banana combined with a light array of spices and walnuts create a cake that will be a talking point among guests. This would be great for a tropical occasion. Traditionally, the name came about from people wanting to ‘hum like a bird’ when they ate it.

Lemon and Lime Mud
Sweet yet refreshingly zesty, this is a moist cake with real lemon and lime zest, very very yum!

Mango and Coconut Cake
A tropical delight for the pallette will be enjoyed by all.

Pistachio White Mud
With the richness of white mud cake, our Pistachio flavour has proven itself a surefire hit wherever it has been served.

Raspberry White Mud
This one is just amazing. Decadent and an amazing taste sensation, children and adults are sure to love this one. Fresh rasberries are a delight when combined with our moist white mud cake.

Strawberry White Mud
Moist and sweet this has proven a hit time and time again. A great flavour for everyone, it’s guaranteed to disappear at your event.

White Mud
White cake is always a favourite, couple that with the richness of white chocolate and a very moist cake and you have a very popular moorish cake!

One response to “Flavours

  1. Kylie Bailey

    Great flavours Linny! Sounds fantastic. Especially rasberry… mmmm 🙂

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