About Us

Linda has been creating ever since she can remember. Moving from folk art to photography, then scrapbooking, she has has now channelled her creativity into the fine art of cake baking and cake decorating with Linny Macs.

Linda has a passion for design and creating work people will admire on their special day, talk about, and remember fondly forever after in photos and memories.

Based in South West Sydney and serving the Wollondilly area, Linda prides herself on working collaboratively with her clients to create a delicious masterpiece tailored to their needs.

Linda considers your cake her canvas – she can work with the themes and ideas you have for your celebration and come up with an exclusive design just for you. Alternatively, a design can be chosen from the Linny Macs comprehensive gallery of previously designed cakes.

3 responses to “About Us

  1. Lauren Brennan

    I was just wondering if you make Cake pops?


  2. audrey

    hi, i was wondering if i could get a quote on a 21st birthday cake? thanks

    • Hi Audrey
      Not a problem at all.
      Do you know what you are after, how many serving you will need and what date the function is being held?
      Email me at dlmccarthy2@bigpond.com if you have any of these details and even a picture idea of what you’d like.Then we can work out a cost for you.
      Warm regards

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